Tobacco Free Schools

Since 2001, TFI has been focusing on tobacco prevention campaigns that target teenagers. It has already reached more than 100,000 students aged between 12 and 16 in 100 major public and private schools both religious and non-religious all over Lebanon.

In order to reinforce the impact of its Tobacco Prevention Campaign in schools, TFI launched in 2010 its new project entitled: “Tobacco Free Schools” with the support of the World Health Organization, the Ministry of Education, Ministry of Health and the General Secretary of Catholic Schools:


TFI’s main target is to transform all schools in “Tobacco Free Schools” in Lebanon through different steps: 

  • Gain school directors to our cause by convincing them to prohibit smoking in the school
  • Get their commitment to make their school a 100% tobacco free space
  • Create an awareness at all levels in order to ease a proper implementation: directors, teachers, parents, students
  • Give to schools the right tools to help them implement the tobacco free project in a healty and not imposed way.
  • Control and adapt
  • Reveal to teenagers the trap of tobacco advertising.
  • Inform teenagers about the consequences of smoking.
  • Create in teenagers mind a “critical thinking” and an “active attitude” against tobacco.
  • Guide teenagers towards activities that promote a healthy life (sports, music…)

Below are some examples of schools where TFI has worked:

Ali ben Abi Taleb – Makassed Sodeco

Broummana High School

Centre Nour El Hayat – Bourj Hammoud

Charite Clemenceau

Collège des Pères Antonins – Baabda

Collège des Sœurs des Saints Cœurs – Sioufi

Collège des Sœurs du Rosaire – Mansourieh

Collège Saint Joseph – Aintoura

École Publique pour les Garçons – Chiyah

École Val Père Jacques – Jal el Dib

El Kabbouchieh- Hamra

Fondation Père Afif Osseiran – Fanar

Frères Maristes – Jbeil

Grand Lycée Franco-Libanais – Achrafieh

Iman Al Hassan  – Roueiss

International Collège – Ain Aar

International Collège – Hamra

Jeunes filles du Liban – Beit Hebbak

Khadija Al Koubra Lycée Franco-Libanais – Nahr Ibrahim

Sagesse Jdeideh

Saint Charbel – Harissa

Saint Joseph- Jbeil Sœurs Des Saints Cœurs Hadad

Soeurs des Saints Cœurs Kfarehbeb

St Anthony School – Mastita

St Georges – Zalka

Ste Famille – Batroun

Collège des Frères Maristes – Amchit

Collège des Saints Hripsimiantz – Fanar

Collège des Sœurs de Nazareth – Achrafieh

Ecole Amelieh- Nabatieh

Ecole des Saints-Cœurs – Jbeil

Ecole Officielle – Fidar

Ecole Officielle – Jal el-Dib

Ecole Officielle – Sid el Bauchrieh

École Officielle Abou Chabké – Zouk

École Officielle des filles – Raml El Tharif

Ecole Officielle el Bourji Quatrième

Ecole Officielle- Emilie Sersouk- Jnah

École Officielle Mixte – Ras Beyrouth

Ecole Officielle Chiyah- Premiere

Ecole Officielle Ghbayreh- Deuxieme

Ecole Officielle Ghbayreh – Garçons

Ecole Officielle- Renée Mouawad

Ecole Officielle- Omar Zoueinni mixte

IC Collège Ain Aar

Institut technique Mgr. Kortbawi – Adma

Louise Wegmann

Notre Dame des Anges

Notre Dame des Sœurs Antonine Baabda

Saint Enfant – Jésus Besançon Baabdat

Sainte Famille – Jounieh

Sainte Famille Zalka

Until 2012, the four below schools have signed the petition and received a Reward Certificate from the WHO and TFI entitling them as “Schools Free from Tobacco, Schools Healthy for your Children”.

  1. Ecole de la Jeune fille du Liban
  2. Notre Dame des Sœurs Antonines – Baabda
  3. Soeurs des Saints Cœurs – Hadad
  4. Saints Cœurs Kfarhbab

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