Want to Quit Smoking? Let us Help

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They say the first step to recovery is admitting that you have a problem. Well, if that’s true then the second step is most definitely seeking help and guidance from others.

After years of campaigning, planning and implementing Law 174 in public areas, TFI has witnessed it all; from young addicts to secondhand smoke victims and even hardcore smokers.However, with this great experience comes an even greater cause: Promoting a healthier lifestyle by helping others to quit smoking. The path to recovery comes with great challenges, but if you have the right support team by your side, then you can overcome any obstacle. And what better support team can you ask for other than a group of specialized doctors that will lead you every step of the way?

Make the second step and contact TFI

Tobacco Free Initiative can provide you with all the assistance you need by simply contacting our highly-qualified doctors:

Dr. Charles Jazra

Tel: (+961) 3 635 900

Email: chjazra@gmail.com

Dr. Hala Kahi

Tel: (+961) 3 366 746

Email: halakahi@hotmail.com

In addition to TFI, there are multiple smoking cessation programs that can provide you with all the assistance you need:

1. Smoking cessation programs:

Directed by our Tobacco dependence treatment specialist Dr Hala Kahi

  • KMC Smoking cessation program: 09857300 ext 1004
  • Allopathic Alternative Clinic: 01424500 

2. Other programs:

  • HDF 01604612
  • AUB 01374374 ext 8030

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